April Merchant of the Month Feature: Axis Fitness + Training

The best description heard so far about an Axis workout is “I know what I’m going to get but I never know what to expect”.

Axis Fitness + Training works really hard to create a unique workout experience that people will be drawn to. It’s not only about the workout itself, but about the music, the energy, the coaching, the queuing, the pairing of exercises just to name a few ingredients. In the fitness industry, specifically ways to break a sweat, there is no shortage of options. People can choose from what feels like an unlimited number of studios, gyms, boot camps, park workouts and online training programs. So separating themselves from the pack is what Axis hopes to do best.

Axis has created a fitness concept unlike any other in the industry. They’ve leveraged heart rate monitoring technology and other platforms to help build an immersive and consistent experience that becomes almost addicting. It’s the perfect mix of heart pounding, sweat dripping, muscles screaming and music pumping. Whether you’re training in a group or one on one, Axis has the knowledge and energy to get you to your finish line. They understand corrective exercise and bio-mechanics. They understand progressive exertion and meeting people were they are. Axis also knows that results are what keep people excited, realizing years ago that real life changing results come from creating a space where people can get an amazing workout, while feeling supported and motivated by the other people around them.

Axis’ propriety training system is where science meets sweat. Their workouts are designed around three fitness elements, Strength, Endurance and Conditioning. These elements trained together create the metabolic disruption in our bodies that changes our body composition. To Axis its not about being stronger than others or who is faster. It’s about creating bodies that are leaner and move better than they did on day one of our training program.

The Strength element is built around a primary strength movement like a Squat or Deadlift. These fundamental strength movements are usually performed with a barbell and the goal is to raise your heart rate to approximately 80% of your max heart rate within 30-45 seconds. These movements force your body to use lots of energy, quickly and facilitate the growth of lean tissue. That lean tissue in turn helps you burn more calories everyday while at rest.

The Endurance element is built around a circuit. It’s designed to increase stability, focuses on core movements and keeps your heart rate around 75-85% of your max heart rate. This element is about moving at a moderate intensity for 12 minutes, maximizing calorie burn and helping create better mobility and quality of movement. The movements programmed in the endurance element revolve around the primary strength movement of the day and create a balanced training effect that allows you to get stronger without fear of injury.

Lastly the Conditioning element is where things get real. It is a competition with yourself on how hard are you willing to push that day. Axis uses running, biking, rowing and light calisthenic movements to increase your heart rate upwards of 85% of max for approximately 10-12 minutes. The goal of conditioning is to push but more importantly create a metabolic disruption in your body that sticks with you for hours after the workout has been completed. This challenging interval drives your body to a scientific theory called EPOC (excessive post workout oxygen consumption). EPOC is the result of your body continually working hard after a workout to restore depleted energy systems.

Axis has created a balanced but challenging workout that is based around science and results. To take it a step further Axis realizes just having a great workout isn’t enough and they strive to create a fitness experience that drives people to a new level of health. “We want our members to feel our passion, excitement and willingness to help. We understand that if we want to bring out the best in others, then we need to bring our best to the gym also.”

From the staff who create the Axis Team all the way to the members who create the Axis Fam, they share one goal, be better than yesterday! They are Axis!