Maintain Healthy Habits Through Summer

The official start of summer is just around the corner, and for locals and visitors to eastern North Carolina, that means the warmer weather has arrived and it’s time to don all of those fun, lighter fashions you can find here at Lumina Station!

This is also a great time of year for engaging in outdoor exercise or reinforcing those good habits you resolved to keep up with around New Year’s Eve. In either case, staying active in the balmy air present through the more intense summer months takes dedication, and a little extra attention to certain aspects of your health to keep you going.

Stay hydrated

No matter the time of year, you should always keep yourself hydrated, and especially during a good workout. But when summertime rolls around, the heat combined with the amount you sweat increases your chances of dehydration. This means that keeping a water bottle filled and close by is even more of a must than in other circumstances!

Adjust your schedule

It isn’t always easy to fit in a decent exercise session, especially if you’re juggling work and social engagements or activities with the kids. With a rise in temperatures, though, you want to be particularly considerate of when you choose to work out, especially if your plans involve running around the block or something else you’d do outside. Make the most of the longer days and try to find a time that works for you, or take advantage of nearby fitness classes like those held at AXIS Fitness + Training. With a wide variety of options, your local fitness studio can be your greatest ally in avoiding the dangers of exercising in intense heat.

Take cover

If you are planning an outdoor workout session – or even just a day in the park with family and friends – don’t forget to cover any exposed skin with sunscreen. It doesn’t take long to inflict sun damage on your skin, especially at the very beginning of summer when you aren’t accustomed to the heat and strength of the sun yet. Always apply sunscreen inside, before heading out to break a sweat.

Take breaks

Your body may be capable of taking a lot of pressure, but even it needs a break now and then. On rest days, be sure to take care of soreness and any other injuries or discomforts you might have experienced lately in your workout routine. If possible, take some time to visit a licensed chiropractor, like Sito Chiropractic here in our village, so you can be certain all your kinks are being thoroughly exercised as well. You may even consider pampering yourself once in a while to give you and your body the chance to regroup before you dive right back in, in which case a qualified location like Harbour Club Day Spa and Salon is sure to keep you nice and relaxed on your “off-day.”

For more tips on coastal North Carolina living and Lumina Station news, stay tuned to our blog! And to enjoy summer breezes to the fullest, visit our neighborhood marketplace and see what makes us the area’s go-to destination for shops, dining, relaxation and more.