Only Eat Oysters in the Months with an ‘R’

“Only eat oysters in months with an ‘R.'”

This little pearl of folk wisdom carries more truth than you might expect, since the months without the letter “R” in their names (May through August) coincide with summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Warm months, historically, made for bad or even toxic oysters for a number of reasons: First, in the days before refrigeration, shellfish were more likely to spoil in the heat. Second, the summer months mark spawning season for oysters. Since most of their energy goes toward reproduction, the oysters’ meat can become unpleasantly thin and milky.

So, now that its safe to eat your favorite shellfish, enjoy your oysters in style with the Harbour Island Signature Oyster Knife. You can find this at Tickled Pink.

The Signature Harbour Island Oyster Co., seen in premium 8″ oyster knife, features an oversized hand guard to help protect your hands from the oyster if the knife slips. It also has a flat edge to rest the knife on the table. This signature knives will make an impression as gifts for weddings, groomsmen, golf tournaments, corporate affairs or donor appreciation events.

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