Port City Java Not Just For The Port City

Sep 28, 2011 bkristof News, Restaurants

Port City Java, Wilmington’s own coffee roaster and café franchise with a location here in Lumina Station, isn’t just for the Port City any more. Through a partnership with Capitol Coffee Systems, an office coffee provider, Port City Java’s brew will be available in offices across the Southeast alongside coffee giants like Starbucks and Illy.

“Office coffee has had such a bad rap, but we’re going to change that,” says Steve Schnitzler, Port City Java CEO. “Our coffee will be roasted when Capitol places the order, so we’ll deliver fresh brews every time, which will mean better coffee at work.”

Port City Java plans on cutting into the 80% of coffee drinkers who don’t visit cafes, converting them to the fine brews and blends available at the Lumina Station location and at the 15 other coffeehouses around Wilmington.

“We want to deliver great coffee at work, but we also want people to visit our stores for smoothies, frozen coffee drinks, our pastries, breakfast and lunch items. We want to be the place people come to relax, hang out and enjoy a great cup of coffee,” Schnitzler says.

Next time you’re here at Lumina Station, stop by Port City Java and take a break from shopping. Refuel with a cup of coffee, iced coffee, tea or smoothie and a muffin. Your feet, and your stomach, will thank you. And while you’re there, congratulate them on a job well done and a big step forward in bringing their coffee into the break rooms of workplaces across the Southeast.

By: Jason Frye